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LawnStarter Recruitment 2023

Unilever is looking for the post of Content Writer for its various positions. To be eligible and apply for it, graduation is a must. The recruitment will be via Shortlisting/ Assessment test, online or face-to-face interview. You need to apply for these posts through online mode before the last date. The detailed process, eligibility criteria and requirements are given below.


LawnStarter Recruitment 2023: Content Writer

Job Placement Location for Unilever- 

Candidates for the position of Content Writer can work remotely.

Total Number of Positions for the Posts -

There are multiple positions for the posts. Numbers/Seats may vary.

Available Seats and Name of Vacancies - The required positions and number of seats are given below for your reference.

1. Content Writer. 

Salary/Income/Pay-Scale - The monthly remuneration for the position of Content Writer would be Rs 3,40,000 PA.

Qualification/ Educational Details - Please read carefully the qualification details required for this post in the given columns below.

  • Content Writer - {a graduate degree in any field, although a design diploma or degree is preferred}.

To get more information regarding the academic qualification according to the post, do check out the advertisement given at the end of this post. if you do not have a graduate degree, then click here now for 10th/12th-based job openings.

Age Limit - For Unilever recruitment, candidates should be having minimum age of 18 years. There is no limit to upper age. To get more information about age, you can refer to the detailed notification. 

Selection Process Criteria -

The candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of age, location and qualification, followed by a Personal Interview. The personal Interview will be face-to-face or telephonic.

Roles and Responsibilities of Content Writer - The obligations and job roles are mentioned below.

  • Evergreen articles
  • City-specific articles
  • City Bios
  • Product reviews
  • Pricing guides
  • Computer software reviews (and side-by-side comparisons)
  • Company reviews (and side-by-side comparisons)
  • Study stories
Qualifications and Skills:
  • English with ease
  • must possess strong writing abilities.
  • Someone who can meet deadlines is required.
  • Someone who functions well in a team is required.
  • Must be someone who wants to enjoy their work and who can assist us in maintaining our fantastic workplace.

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Experience Required - For the position of Content Writer, relevant experience is required.

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Application Procedure - To apply for this recruitment, Applicants can apply from the official web portal or use the link given below.

Click Here to Fill Application Form Online for Content Writer

Candidates do need to wait at least 1 month to get a response from the Recruiters. Once you are shortlisted, the recruiters will notify you via your registered email-id or contact number provided during registration. 

Last Date of Online Form Submission - Applicants are recommended to apply on or before (25-08-2023). Forms will not be submitted after the last date.

Application Charge/Fee - There are no application fees for this recruitment by LawnStarter. 

Important Information - Beware of fraudsters/Scammers as there is no Charge/Fee for Private/MNC job openings. Consider this a scam if someone asks you for money or demands money for your company selection.

For Detailed Notification and Advertisements of Lawn Starter Recruitment, Click Here

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Interview Questions for Work-From-Home Jobs

Q1. Why do employees prefer to work from home?

  • Increased flexibility in managing work-life balance.
  • Elimination of commute time and associated costs.
  • A more comfortable and personalized workspace.
  • Improved focus and productivity in a familiar environment.
  • Access to job opportunities beyond geographical limitations.

Q2. How comfortable are you working from home?

Every individual's comfort level varies; some thrive in a remote setting, while others may face challenges.

To adapt to remote work, creating a conducive home workspace and establishing a routine can enhance comfort.

Q3. Why should we work with you, fresher?

Freshers bring new perspectives and a willingness to learn and adapt quickly. Their enthusiasm and energy can contribute to a positive work environment. Fresh minds can offer innovative solutions and creative ideas.

Q4. What to expect when working from home?

  • Increased autonomy and responsibility in managing tasks.
  • A need for effective time management and self-discipline.
  • Virtual communication and collaboration with team members.
  • A mix of challenges and opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

Q5. How do I prepare to work from home?

  • Set up a dedicated and ergonomic workspace with minimal distractions.
  • Ensure a stable internet connection and necessary equipment.
  • Establish a daily routine to maintain a work-life balance.
  • Familiarize yourself with remote collaboration tools and software.

Q6. How successful is working from home?

  • Success in remote work depends on individual adaptability and dedication.
  • Many employees have reported increased productivity and job satisfaction with remote work arrangements.

Q7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of working from home?

Advantages: Flexibility, cost savings, improved work-life balance, increased productivity.

Disadvantages: Isolation, potential for blurred boundaries between work and personal life, communication challenges.

Q8. How can I enjoy my work-from-home job?

  • Set clear goals and celebrate achievements to maintain motivation.
  • Engage in regular breaks and physical activities to stay refreshed.
  • Connect with colleagues through virtual meetings and social platforms.

Q9. What are the challenges in work from home?

  • Distractions and interruptions at home can impact productivity.
  • Maintaining effective communication with team members.
  • Balancing personal and professional life boundaries.

Q10. What are the top 2 benefits of working from home?

  • Flexibility to create a personalized work environment and schedule.
  • Elimination of commuting time and associated stress.

Q11. Tell us about your work-at-home experience (sample answer):

I have been working from home for the past two years, and it has been a transformative experience. The flexibility allows me to maintain a healthier work-life balance, leading to increased productivity. 

I have become adept at using various remote collaboration tools and have honed my time management skills to deliver high-quality results. Overall, I truly enjoy the freedom and autonomy that comes with remote work.

Q12. Why do you want to work from home? (sample answer):

I am excited about the prospect of working from home because it aligns perfectly with my lifestyle and work preferences. 

I believe remote work offers me the flexibility to be more productive and achieve a better work-life balance. Moreover, I enjoy the independence of managing my time and space efficiently, which I believe will positively impact my performance and overall job satisfaction.

Remote interview questions and answers:

Q1.How do you ensure effective communication with your team members in a remote setting?

(Answer: Regular virtual meetings and utilizing collaboration tools like Slack or Zoom.)

Q2. Can you describe a situation where you successfully resolved a work-related problem while working remotely? (Answer: Provide a specific example showcasing problem-solving skills and remote collaboration.)

Q3.How can you continue to be productive and motivated while working from home?

 (Answer: Establishing a routine and setting clear goals help me stay focused and driven.)

Remote job interview questions:

Q1.Can you describe your previous experience working remotely, if any?

Answer: Certainly! I had the chance to work remotely for around two years in my prior position. I was a member of a remote team at the time, and we worked together on a variety of projects and tasks using online platforms and communication tools. 

I was able to have a more flexible schedule and design a unique office thanks to working remotely. I discovered that I could stay in touch with my team and efficiently deliver outcomes if I had the necessary tools and excellent communication. 

Overall, working remotely was quite enjoyable, and I gained insight into the importance of restraint and effective time management.

Q2. How do you handle potential distractions or challenges while working from home?

Answer:I use a few techniques to keep my focus and productivity high when working from home. First, I create a discrete workstation where I can concentrate on my work without being disturbed. 

To make sure my housemates or family members are aware of my working hours, I also set clear boundaries with them. 

I disable non-essential notifications on my devices during working hours to reduce digital distractions. I also schedule brief breaks to get up from the computer, stretch, or go for a walk, which aids in my ability to maintain my focus all day.

Q3. What strategies do you use to manage your time effectively in a remote setting?

Answer: To ensure productivity and meet deadlines in a remote setting, time management skills are essential. I follow three different categories. 

I start by making a prioritised daily to-do list so I can focus on the most important chores first. In order to track how much time I spend on each work, as well as areas where I may be more efficient, I also utilise time-tracking software. 

In addition, I employ the Pomodoro Technique, which has been shown to be quite good at sustaining productivity. I work in concentrated blocks of 25 minutes, followed by brief breaks. 

Last but not least, I keep team members informed of project developments and deal with any potential delays or challenges as soon as they materialise through proactive communication.

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